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Why do I never lose weight with diets?

.There are many diets accessible for you to use but some of the most perfect diets and the diets rich in protein, fiber, low fat and very low carb. But there are many things you can do to reduce the weight besides this.

For many years doctors have been telling us to eat little portions of the meal to decrease weight. This is so real for many factors. One is that our bodies digest the meal a lot easier and quicker if we eat little portions of meal. This is the instruction that truly helps us lose weight.

The reason this is the top way is because with eating little portions of the meal, you can speeding up your metabolism. With quick metabolism we burn a lot more calories so we are not getting more weight.

Exercise is another remarkable way to speed up the metabolism. As described before, this is also the reason doctors have been telling us to exercise. Besides this with exercise we build muscle and muscle wants more calories to maintain than the fat.

One of the largest mistakes most people make is to starve in order to reduce weight. This is a large error. You should never starve as hunger slows down the metabolism. Little meals are very important, and you need to eat them more frequently.

So in terms of the diet instructions to decrease weight, you just need to eat fit food such as vegetables and fruits.  In this way, almost every person said I eat lots of healthy diet but that is why there are diets created with the instruction on what food to eat to decrease the weight. Many diets make you starve, while other say to exercise and eat high protein foods. The protein makes you feel healthy, and you don’t lose your power while you are on the diet.

Diets that can support speed up the metabolism are best and such a diet is calorie shifting diet program. This is an 11 day diet program. Where you can eat lot of fiber rich foods, protein and lots of vegetables and fruits, these foods help improve your metabolism rate and with that you decrease weight. Any diet instruction how to lose weight that says otherwise, is not real because if your metabolism is tuck in the low calorie burning mode, you will get more weight later or sooner. The biggest advantage of quicker metabolism and the way to reduce the weight is that you have a lesser chance of getting the weight back.



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